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Our Mission

Huskky Energy was built by Simon and the team on solid principles. Professionalism, integrity and quality, all while blending core family values.

With extensive knowledge and expertise, Huskky is dedicated to getting you on the right track towards integrating renewable energy for your home or business.

We believe in doing things differently. We put quality at the heart of everything we do. As a company we’ve stepped away from the traditional unethical sourcing practices. Instead we source ethically, sustainably and without compromise.

Renewable energy will revolutionise the way we power our lives. Our commitment is to provide you with renewable energy in the right way. through quality, professionalism and integrity. That’s why we only work with the best materials and suppliers to deliver you a first-class service.

Why do we do this? We believe that providing you with the best renewable energy solutions shouldn't come at the expense of the environment or the communities involved in the production process.

Our mission? To play our small part as a family in leaving this world greener than we found it, one panel at a time.

Our Values

At Huskky, our work is guided by three key values, forming the foundation of our ethos. We prioritised delivering projects to the highest standards, true to our identity, and client-focused.

Openness & Honesty

Transparency and honesty define our project delivery approach. We respect and adapt to our clients' ideas, questions, and budgets.

Partnership & Collaboration

Our enduring partnerships are built on openness and honesty in project delivery, with a shared goal of mutual benefit.


Promoting an eco-driven future is our top priority, reflected in every aspect of our work, inside and outside the workplace.

Creating a Greener Future

Our Clean Energy Mission

Our clean energy mission drives us to create a greener future by providing sustainable solutions and promoting environmental stewardship.

Brands We Work With

Simon Youngman

“I consider myself a bit of a tech geek and have always been interested in electricity and tech. I remember taking apart anything electrical when I was a child to see how it worked, I found it fascinating and that has carried on through to my adult life. Now working on bigger scale toys I love working closely with clients knowing we are potentially making a difference to the ever burgeoning green agender. I qualified at Chichester College in 2006 in Electrotechnical Engineering Level 3 and followed that with 20 years experience in the electrical and construction industry.”

Owner/UK operation manager

The Heart of Our Company

Meet Our Team

Simon Youngman


Susie Youngman


Christina Youngman

Energy Bank Manager

Andy Buckland

Technical Director

Nigel Catt

Electrical Engineer

Maddy Gilmore

Sales & Customer Liaison

Anees Rehman

PV Design Engineer


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