Solar Battery Storage

Energy Independence Made Simple: Solar Systems With Smart Battery Solutions

Never pay for a full electricity bill again with your premium battery storage, the perfect partner for solar panels. Our quality battery systems come with 10-year warranties and last for over 15+ years. Now that’s smarter energy.

Trusted Solar Battery Storage

Benefits Of Battery Storage

Power Flexibility

Never lose a Kilowatt (KW) - Store and use power however you like.

24/7 Solar Utilisation

Make the most out of your solar investment 24/7 with battery power.

Energy Independence

Reduce grid reliance, use all the energy your solar panel installation has generated with a solar battery.

Quality Battery Storage

With limited sunshine in the darker winter months, why not use your home solar battery system to charge from the grid at a cheap rate, keeping your home shining all year round.

Real-Time Energy Insights

Track energy usage with real-time data anywhere, anytime.

Solar Battery Assurance

With 10 years warranties on all solar batteries not a Kilowatt (KW) is missed.

Do I Need Solar Battery Storage?

With Huskky Energy, your solar system thrives even more with the addition of our smart solar battery solutions. While a battery isn't essential for your solar setup, it significantly boosts efficiency and allows you to utilise solar energy during night-time hours. By reducing your reliance on the grid, our solar batteries ensure energy independence and bring you substantial benefits such as saving you £500 per year. That’s what makes solar battery storage truly valuable.

Premium +

Tesla PowerWall

Tesla Powerwall is a fully-integrated AC battery system for residential or light commercial use. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage for solar self-consumption and time-based control.

Provides a simple connection to any home or building.

AC Voltage (Nominal)
1150 mm x 755 mm x 155 mm
Total Energy
14 kWh
125 kg
IEC 62109-1, IEC 62109-2, IEC 62619, UN 38.3
10 years

Solax Triple Power

The Triple Power Battery is available in various forms, including independent units for standalone applications, rack-mounted configurations for efficient space utilisation, and stackable options for scalable energy storage systems.

With a 10-year warranty and 90% depth of discharge, the new Triple Power battery is a flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.

AC Voltage (Nominal)
115.2 V
474mm x 193mm x 708mm
Total Energy
5.8 KWh
Online Monitoring
Our team offers 24/7, round-the-clock after-sales response.
10 years
Maximum efficiency is up to 99%.
Cycle Life
6000 Cycles.

Solar Battery Storage FAQ’s

What Is Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage involves storing excess energy generated by your solar panels in batteries for later use, reducing reliance on the grid.

Excess solar energy is stored in batteries during the day. During low production periods or at night, the stored energy powers your home.

Yes, some battery systems are designed to provide backup power during outages, ensuring essential appliances remain operational.

The storage capacity varies depending on the battery's size and technology. Typical residential systems range from 5 kWh to 20 kWh.

Yes, battery storage allows you to store excess energy and use it during peak hours, reducing reliance on expensive grid power.

Battery lifespans vary but are often around 10-15 years. Regular maintenance and proper usage can extend the system's longevity.


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