Powering Businesses With Commercial Solar Installations

Helping drive sustainable energy practices while enhancing business efficiency, hitting Net-zero targets, and achieving significant cost savings.

Solar Panels for your business

We Know Solar Saves Your Business Up to 75% on Energy Bills, but Ask Yourself These Questions.

Does Your Business Need Help Achieving Net-Zero Targets?

As governments pressure large corporations to reduce their carbon footprint, transitioning to solar energy is an effective way to achieve Net-Zero emissions. By adopting solar power, you demonstrate your commitment to a cleaner, greener future, aligning your business with global sustainability objectives.

Are You Capturing Market Share With Your Brand?

Show your customers, partners, and investors that your company is forward-thinking and environmentally responsible. Embracing solar power enhances your brand reputation, positioning you as an industry leader committed to eco-friendly practices. Stand out in the market with a positive, environmentally conscious image.

Are ESG Regulations Preventing You From Winning More Business?

By integrating solar energy into your operations, you gain a competitive edge, making your bids more attractive to potential clients seeking eco-friendly partners. Don't miss out on the opportunity to secure lucrative contracts with solar

Who We Work With

We’re proud to offer 3D video designs that not only illustrate how your solar PV system will work but also how it will seamlessly integrate with your building’s architecture. Our goal is to make your solar journey as transparent as our panels. You can literally see your energy transformation come to life!

Solar Panels for your business

What’s the Process?

Week 1

Free Energy Assessment.

Our expert team will book a date to visit you your premises and conduct a Free Energy Assessment. 

Week 1
Week 2

Solar Panel Installation Proposal Drafted.

We draft an installation proposal detailing the recommended solar panel installation design, outlining costs, savings expected & expected carbon emission reductions.

Week 2
Week 3

Installation Date Booked.

Once the proposal is reviewed and agreed. A convenient date for your solar panel installation will be set and we’ll order the premium materials ready for installation.

Week 3
Week 4

Installation Completed & System Handover.

Once your solar panel installation is complete we will handover the system to you. This will come with a full overview of its operations and functions so you can own your system with confidence.

*Timelines may be subject to change based on size of installation & other factors.*

Week 4

SRW Limited

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Want Another Option for Investing in Solar for Zero Pounds?

Look into our fully funded Power Purchase Agreement.

Choosing the Right Solar Set-Up

Exploring Solar Options:

Roof and Ground Installations

Roof Mounted Panels

Roof mounting is a popular choice for solar panels on business premises. We accommodate various roof types, including flat roofs. Optimal direct light exposure ensures effective solar panel performance during installation.

Ground Mounted Panels

For situations where roof mounting isn't feasible, we offer ground mounted systems as an alternative. Huskky Energy provides customisable ground mounted solutions to cater to our valued clients' specific requirements.

Commercial Solar FAQ’s

What Benefits Can Commercial Solar Panels Offer My Business?

Commercial solar panels can significantly reduce your energy costs, increase energy independence, and enhance your company's sustainability profile, all while contributing to a greener future.

If your business consumes a considerable amount of electricity and has available rooftop or ground space, you're likely a good candidate for commercial solar panels. Our experts can assess your energy usage and space to provide personalized recommendations.

Yes, while solar panels generate the most electricity in direct sunlight, they can still produce power on cloudy or rainy days. Modern panels are designed to harness diffused sunlight, ensuring a continuous energy supply.

Installation times vary based on project size and complexity. Generally, a commercial solar panel installation can take a few weeks to a few months, including design, permitting, and actual installation.

Solar panels require minimal maintenance. Regular visual inspections for debris and occasional cleaning are recommended. Our team also offers maintenance plans to ensure optimal performance over the system's lifetime.

The ROI varies based on factors like energy usage, panel efficiency, and local incentives. On average, businesses can recover their investment within 3 to 7 years and enjoy long-term savings throughout the system's lifespan.