Fully Funded Commercial Solar Installation

Our fully-funded solar solution offers businesses a hassle-free and cost-effective way to transition to sustainable energy. We safeguard businesses against rising energy costs and help support reaching Net-Zero targets.


We Know Solar Saves Your Business Up To 75% On Energy Bills, But Ask Yourself These Questions...

Does Your Business Need Help Achieving Net-Zero Targets?

As governments pressure large corporations to reduce their carbon footprint, transitioning to solar energy is an effective way to achieve Net-Zero emissions. By adopting solar power, you demonstrate your commitment to a cleaner, greener future, aligning your business with global sustainability objectives.

Are You Capturing Market Share With Your Brand?

For businesses big and small brand reputation matters. Your bands signify your businesses morals, ethics and quality. Embracing solar power not only benefits the planet but also boosts your brand reputation, showing that you're a pioneer in eco-friendly practices. Set yourself apart in your industry and attract like-minded customers, new business and brand opportunities by promoting a positive, environmentally conscious image through solar installation.

Are ESG Regulations Preventing You From Winning More Business?

From Multimillion-pound tenders to small retail works, as sustainability becomes more important in project selection, incorporating solar energy into your operations can give you a competitive advantage. It not only makes your proposals more appealing to clients looking for environmentally conscious partners but also opens doors to secure valuable & consistent contracts. Don't overlook the chance to win contracts by going solar.

Your Benefits

As the government cracks down on Net-Zero targets, businesses need to react. Fully Funded Solar Panels are the best answer. Here’s why…

Fully Funded System Model

Experience the benefits of hassle-free and cost-effective solar energy with £0 upfront costs and £0 maintenance fees.

Protecting Against Inflation

Energy prices are fixed in line with inflation, with a maximum 5% cap on rising inflation, ensuring long-term cost stability. Fully funded solar varies between 12-16p Kilowatt Hours (KWh) roughly 50% cheaper than the market rate.

75% Reduction On Grid Reliance

Our solution can lead to up to 75%+ reduction in grid reliance, providing businesses greater energy independence.

Battery Storage Option

For added resilience and energy security, battery storage can be included in the fully funded package. Giving you the ultimate system for energy independence.





30 years

Power Warranty


Temperature Coefficient


Max Bifaciality

Meeting Net-Zero Targets

Don’t just meet Net-Zero targets, exceed them with your fully funded solar solutions.

Winning More Tenders

Renewable energy gets you top of the pack for bidding and securing lucrative tenders. Don’t miss the chance to capitalise on this.

Boosting Brand Reputation

Show the world and your local community through your brand your integrity and attitude towards a safer and greener tomorrow.


It's A Simple & Fast Process

Week 1

Free Energy Assessment.

Our expert team will book a date to visit you your premises and conduct a Free Energy Assessment.

Week 1
Week 2

Solar Panel Installation Proposal Drafted.

We draft an installation proposal detailing the recommended solar panel installation design, outlining costs, savings expected & expected carbon emission reductions.

Week 2
Week 3

Funding Application & Soft Credit Checks.

We on your behalf will submit an application to our A Rated funder partner to assess your eligibility for the fully funded solar panel installation offering. The funder will process ‘soft’ credit checks which will not affect your credit score in any way.

Week 3
Week 4

Funding Application Result.

Once the funder finalises evaluating your eligibility we would organise a meeting with you to discuss the best funding solutions for your commercial solar panel installation. Full details of the fully funded costings and protocols will be advised to ensure you’re satisfied with the option.

Week 4
Week 5

Installation Date Booked.

Once the proposals are reviewed and agreed a convenient date for your solar panel installation will be set and we’ll order the premium materials ready for installation.

Week 5
Week 6

Installation Completed and System Handover.

Once your solar panel installation is complete we will handover the system to you. This will come with a full overview of its operations and functions so you can own your system with confidence.

*Timelines may be subject to change based on size of installation & other factors.*

Week 6

Heritage Cars Limited

The Challenge:

Faced with rising energy costs and a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, Heritage Cars sought an innovative solution to power their operations sustainably.

Our Solution:

Working closely with Heritage Cars, we designed and executed a swift solar panel installation, integrating 377 panels across their premises. In just 6 weeks, their energy landscape transformed, embracing the power of the sun to drive their business forward.


Let’s Take A Look At The Results


Solar Panels Installed

173 kw

Total Capacity


Total C02 Saved In Six Months


Energy Bill Reduction

6 Weeks

Installation Time


Happy Client

Furture-Proof Your Business

5 Years - £331K

5 years is a short term future for Heritage Cars, but the savings are anything but short. All thanks to their commercial solar panel installation handled by Huskky Energy.

10 Years - £663K

10 year timeline for most businesses need to include some aspect of Net-Zero targets. For Heritage cars, not only would they have hit their Net-Zero target by 2030, but save over £660k savings ready to invest back into the business while repaying their original investment into their commercial solar panel installation.

15 Years - £994K

Now into the teen years of their savings Heritage Cars would have saved nearly £1,000,000 on energy bills. Even better, their quality solar panels are only halfway through their warranty. That’s why you choose Huskky, quality you can trust.

Projected Energy Savings Over 15 Years


Real Story From A Satisfied Customer

“Huskky were a pleasure to work with! They were professional and punctual and kept us informed right from the first meeting to the end of the installation. Any queries we had were responded to promptly, and the installation process was stress-free and on time, thanks to Simon and his fantastic team. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Huskky to anyone considering a commercial solar panel installation. 5 stars from us!”
Nicky Dumbelton
Electrical Temperature Instruments Limited

Fully-Funded FAQ’s

What Benefits Can Commercial Solar Panels Offer To My Business?

Commercial solar panels can significantly reduce your energy costs, increase energy independence, and enhance your company's sustainability profile, all while contributing to a greener future.

If your business consumes a considerable amount of electricity and has available rooftop or ground space, you're likely a good candidate for commercial solar panels. Our experts can assess your energy usage and space to provide personalized recommendations.

Yes, while solar panels generate the most electricity in direct sunlight, they can still produce power on cloudy or rainy days. Modern panels are designed to harness diffused sunlight, ensuring a continuous energy supply.

Installation times vary based on project size and complexity. Generally, a commercial solar panel installation can take a few weeks to a few months, including design, permitting, and actual installation.

Solar panels require minimal maintenance. Regular visual inspections for debris and occasional cleaning are recommended. Our team also offers maintenance plans to ensure optimal performance over the system's lifetime.

The ROI varies based on factors like energy usage, panel efficiency, and local incentives. On average, businesses can recover their investment within 3 to 7 years and enjoy long-term savings throughout the system's lifespan.


Schedule a Consultation: Exploring Renewable Options

Have you got a Solar PV, Battery Storage or EV Charging Project you are looking to get underway? Why not drop the Pack at Huskky Energy a message! Whether your looking for free advice, a free comprehensive quote or maybe you just want to chat about how we can help with the ever burgeoning green agenda we are here, for you.