Solar Panels For Home

Maximise Savings, Minimise Footprint. Solar Panel Installation for Your Home

Join 1000s of homeowners installing solar panel and battery storage across Sussex.

You Know As Well As We Do, Your Home Deserves the Best.

Boasting sleek design, top-tier quality, and ethical sourcing, these panels are truly worth celebrating from the rooftop.

British & European Standard Panels

30 Years Warranty On Panels

85% Efficiency Guaranteed up to 25 years

First Class Performance

With the highest quality comes assurance. With 30 years warranty and power in all weathers, there is no better.

Control By Your Phone

Curious how much energy your panels are generating? With a free monitoring app you have total control over your solar panels right from your phone.

Join The Packk

With 1000s of quality solar panels installed over the UK, Huskky is your partner when powering your home with solar. Remember 0% VAT on all installations.

Full System Design, Perfect Customer Service, Quality Installation.

How Solar Will Help You?

Save on Energy Bills.

Join 1000's already saving up to 70% on energy bills. Kids using the playstation, parents sticking on the kettle and running the dishwasher - it all adds up. Make the switch to solar today and take control.

Never Pay For A Full Energy Bill Again.

Even with the energy price cap measures from the government, uncertainty about energy prices after April 2024 are high. Take away uncertainty and get your energy under your control. Save money today with Huskky Energy.

Increase Your Home Price (2-4%).

With 69% of homebuyers looking to buy houses with solar power, now’s your chance to stand out in the home-buyers market and sell with ease.

Free Phone App.

Energy control in your pocket. Check how much you’re saving with your mobile phone app. It’s simple.

Your Installation In 3 Easy Steps

Initial Consultation

We begin with a thorough discussion to understand your energy needs and goals. Our experts assess your property and offer tailored solutions.

Perfect Package

We create you a personalised solar PV package to suit your energy needs. Future increases in energy consumption are also taken into account with the onset of electric vehicle charging and gas to electric heating conversion.

The Installation

Our skilled team handles the installation process seamlessly. We set up and commission your inverter battery system. We then fully test to make sure every system performs perfectly for years to come.


Client Satisfaction: A Closer Look Through Testimonials


Schedule a Consultation: Exploring Solar Options

Have you got a Solar PV, Battery Storage or EV Charging Project you are looking to get underway? Why not drop the Pack at Huskky Energy a message. Whether your looking for free advice, a free comprehensive quote or maybe you just want to chat about how we can help with the ever burgeoning green agenda we are here, for you.